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Maison Louise Canada/ Lucy Tomoko Oxenfarth

The Japanese-born designer, Tomoko Oxenfarth, graduated in

2020 from St. Clair college fashion design program in Windsor Ontario, Canada. She was awarded as the top designer prize for the 2020 graduate class. Maison Louise Canada was launched at Ontario, Canada in 2020. She is also the 2022 recipients of St. Clair College’s Alumni of Distinction.

She learned that the Windsor area is famous for automobiles

and manufacturing. Her designs are inspired and related to vintage cars. Women wore colorful amazing dresses around the 1950’s and enjoyed cruising with gentlemen. Her designs focus on silhouettes that can be seen in many designs from the previous era that were constructed well and three- dimensional. She also uses many combinations of colours, and she wants everybody to enjoy the harmony and the chemistry through her designs.


She loves fashion and fashionable people. She wants to design many clothes that can make people happy and can be worn for a long time even over generations. So, her designs are always used good fabrics and made well.


Her debut collection in Michigan fashion week 2020 was selected as a couture collection.


Fashion Week Show Case


2020 SFW Toronto S/S’21

2021 SFW Toronto A/W’21-22

 TKFW A/W’21-22



TKFW Calgary A/W’22-23

TKFW Toronto A/W’22-23

TKFW Montreal S/S’23

TKFW Toronto S/S’23





House & Garden UK

Rumble Magazine Toronto

Forward Fashion Magazine Toronto

Mob Journal




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