About Us

About Us

The Japanese-born designer, Tomoko Oxenfarth, graduated in2020 from the prestigious St. Clair college fashion design program in Windsor Ontario, Canada.

Coming from a family whose heritage is rooted in the design industry with over one hundred years of experience, she was born in Osaka Japan. 

Tomoko discovered that Japan was the perfect environment to develop and hone her passion and expertise in design.

She learned and get licensed in the Japanese tea ceremony and the Japanese musical instrument called “KOTO” since she was a child, having many opportunities wearing a “KIMONO” - Japanese traditional clothing.

She enjoys the fabric mostly made by silk, embroideries, design and matching other goods such as OBI. For some of her designs she uses traditional Japanese fabric and those were coming from dead stock from factories because, Tomoko focuses on sustainable, too. So that is why her designs are sometimes limited and special.

She was designing many bags using leather and sold at RAKUTEN website till she started studying fashion design in Canada. 

She learned that the Windsor area is famous for automobiles and manufacturing. Her designs are also inspired and related to vintage cars. Women wore colorful amazing dresses around the 1950’s and enjoyed cruising with gorgeous gentlemen. Her designs focus on silhouettes that can be seen in many designs from the previous era that were constructed well and three- dimensional.

Tomoko prefers to design in a way that makes women look beautiful. Therefor, being related to such a wonderful country she wants to launch amazing design from Windsor Ontario, Canada.

She loves fashion and fashionable people and wants to design many clothes that can make people happy and can be worn for a long time even over generations.

Her debut collection in Michigan fashion week 2020 was selected as a couture collection.

She joined SFW Toronto in 2020 to introducing her S/S’21Collection.